"Field Day" of the Leningrad Region

The Agrophysical Research Institute took part in the event of regional significance – "Field Day" of the Leningrad Region, which took place on June 18, 2021 on the territory of CJSC "PZ Prinevskoe" and was organized by the Committee for the Agro-Industrial and Fisheries Complex of the Leningrad Region.

The Agrophysical Institute has become the leading scientific organization in Russia

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for Assessing the Performance of Scientific Organizations Performing Research, Design and Technological Work for Civil Purposes, which considered the issue of determining the list of leading organizations from among scientific organizations and educational organizations of higher education under the jurisdiction of the federal executive authorities, assigned to the 1st category.


The Situation Analysis Center "Soil and Land Resources of Russia" was presented to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

On March 30, a meeting led by the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev, with the participation of the Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Lyulin, was held at the Dokuchaev Soil Institute. The meeting was devoted to summing up the results of the first months of the implementation of a major scientific project (KNP) "Actual scientific tasks of the strategy for adapting the potential of land use in Russia in the current conditions of unprecedented challenges (economic crisis, climate change, crisis of global trends in nature management)"


October 29, 2020 140 years since the birth of the great Russian Soviet scientist Abram Fedorovich Ioffe – organizer of science, commonly referred to as the "father of Soviet physics", founder of modern agrophysics, academician (1920), Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1942-1945), state prize Winner (1942), Hero of Socialist Labor (1955), Creator of the scientific school that gave many outstanding Soviet physicists and agrophysicians, such as A. Alexandrov, I. Kurchatov, B. Alexandrov, P. Kapitsa, M. Bronstein, J. Dorfman, G. Frank, V. malchevsky, I. Kikoin, A. Kurtener, N. Maksimov, G. B. Abdullaev and many others, first Director of the agrophysical research Institute (1932-1960), which he founded under the leadership and together with academician N. I. Vavilov, who was at that time the first President of VASHNIL.

Scientific and Practical Conference “Information and Resource digital platform of agricultural development”

The Agrophysical Research Institute has participated in the international AgroRus 2020 exhibition, held at the Saint-Petersburg congress & exhibition center ExpoForum from 2 Sep. 2020 to 5 Sep. 2020. Read more                                      

Coordinative council on the agricultural sector of education

2020 April 23rd, Yuri Valentinovich CHESNOKOV, director of the ARI, was promoted to the coordinative council on the agricultural sector of education via decree №602, issued by the Minister of Science and Education Valeri Nikolayevich FAL’KOV.

Resource-sparing automatic systems for perennial agriculture

ARI has exhibited its new designs of the resource-sparing automatic systems’ construction for the purposes of the perennial agriculture and the high-grade plant production in the intensive photocultural environments.